Why there IS hope in recovery

There is hope in recovery.


Is there hope in recovery? If you have a son or daughter addicted to a substance is there hope? If you or a loved one wants to stop, can you? Well, I would like to introduce you to a day in my life, what it’s like. I am going to show you why I know without a doubt there IS HOPE in recovery.

I have a recovery page on Facebook.


I spend a lot of time on it, a lot. About 13 to 16 hours a day. I feel very strongly about “giving back what was so freely given to me”. Others spent countless hours helping me, showing me, encouraging me that I too could have what they had, and oh yes, I am willing to go to any lengths to get it and maintain it.

Wow! Back to the question. Life is good, I mean really good, miracles surround my day. It’s like being in a land of love, where you can reach out and touch the clouds and feel the cotton pink candy and witness the birth of life. It’s more like a rebirth as individuals get back their lives, their families, their jobs and even their sanity. My life is full of change, and every day I witness people changing, spiritually growing, and sharing their e.s.h. (experience, strength, and hope).

I love it when it’s late at night when all is silent that I can marvel at all the day held. Talk about pink clouds and rainbows everywhere…witnessing others getting coins or key tags in celebration for a sober or clean time, 30 days, 6 months, 38 years. I see picture shares of updates of clean or sober time, 1 year later, 5 years later, even 27 years. All day long, all night long grace is given and sins are forgiven. Heads become lifted, eyes no longer cast down, I see spiritual growth as life is lived, miracles are given. I see the shine return to people’s eyes, and their lives changed completely around.

I have seen families reunited, mothers given back their children, and damaged relationships repaired between loved ones. I have watched, people sharing their experiences, strength and hopes on how they are staying clean or sober. I see people return to school, I see people making amends for wrongs, and I see the determination, the dedication in their comments on the page.

People have shared how much their lives have turned around, as they share what works for them. It matters not what program, what term, or what you used, “WHAT WORKED” was shared. I daily hear people speak out about their recovery, and how they are adjusting to life. I witness a group of people coming together, not knowing each other, and all instantly understanding each other. Every day my assumptions or thoughts are challenged as I learn more and more. They say its only facebook, well…

I just want to tell you how amazing it is when you hear, see and feel this 13 to 16 hours a day. It’s continuous miracles proof of “we can recover, we do recover, we are recovering all by the grace of God. It matters not who your “God” is, a God of your understanding. I love that part, a God of my understanding, yes, it can be a table. For me, it’s the big guy God. No matter what I want to leave you with one thought “We can recover, we do recovery and we will recover by the grace of God.”


Hope in Recovery

Patricia Hole is a 56 year old survivor of addiction, childhood mental and physical abuse, rape, chronic health conditions. She shares her journey of becoming a winner through tragedies suffered by sharing her inspiration of how to Recover from those situations. Her journey focuses on the Love, Light & Laughter found along her journey. She founded the Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/HopeInRecoveryThroughLoveLightLaughterI . Patricia believes," that we can recover, we do recover and we will recovery by the Grace of God." Patricia is currently writing her story, the story behind "Hope in Recovery through love light and laughter. It's scheduled to be done December of 2016.

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  • October 28, 2016 at 7:48 pm

    Thanks for helping me to see things in a dinfereft light.


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