Suggested Readings by Authors in Recovery

dreamstime_xl_40126740I have compiled a list of suggested readings from a few of my favorite authors in recovery.  Outlined below are several authors who have written some awesome books on the subject of recovery.  These are personal recommendations of books that you will find to be very informative

The first Author is Paul Aragon, who owns the facebook recovery page of
Breaking Chains Hope for Addicts and their families

Breaking Chains is a book of healing and restoration for those families that are affected by the chains of addiction. Breaking Chains was written by a Substance Abuse Counselor and former drug addict, and his path that broke the chains of addiction and restored his family. Even if a person is in recovery, this book is insightful and will have a major impact on your life.

Breaking Chains, Recovery Poems and Inspirations was written by the #1 Bestseller of Breaking Chains, Hope for Addicts and Their Families. Paul, travels the U.S. as a High Powered Inspirational Speaker. Paul has written several books on addiction and has seen both sides of the street. Paul was caught in addiction for over 30 years and now spends his life’s passion in helping addicts find their road to recovery. These poems and inspirations tell his story and the story of many addicts.

See more about Paul Aragon at  Here on Amazon

Introducing – April P founder of Back from the ledge.

90 Readings in 90 Days

High till I die, unraveling of an addict

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Hope in Recovery

Patricia Hole is a 56 year old survivor of addiction, childhood mental and physical abuse, rape, chronic health conditions. She shares her journey of becoming a winner through tragedies suffered by sharing her inspiration of how to Recover from those situations. Her journey focuses on the Love, Light & Laughter found along her journey. She founded the Facebook page @ . Patricia believes," that we can recover, we do recover and we will recovery by the Grace of God." Patricia is currently writing her story, the story behind "Hope in Recovery through love light and laughter. It's scheduled to be done December of 2016.

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