God hears all our prayers.

Sometimes, we just can’t find the words for our prayers, instead tears will flow and serve as the words that are bottled up inside of us. We pray in silence, he hears  our minds speak, hears our broken hearts, as well as our eyes flowing, hearts breaking.

I know I pray best in the morning, when the house is quiet and I am finally alone with my day.  Best meditation time ever.  I know that listening in silence is my best preparation for the day, as I pray to a “God” of my understanding.  I know that after praying, I always feel a sense of calmness center from deep within, giving me the realization as I type, that I am never alone.  Yes, he is even hearing all my new found happiness, my growth and my spiritual development.  Gently coaching “Spiritual Progress not perfection”…”Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

I believe God understands all forms of communication.

Hope in Recovery

Patricia Hole is a 56 year old survivor of addiction, childhood mental and physical abuse, rape, chronic health conditions. She shares her journey of becoming a winner through tragedies suffered by sharing her inspiration of how to Recover from those situations. Her journey focuses on the Love, Light & Laughter found along her journey. She founded the Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/HopeInRecoveryThroughLoveLightLaughterI . Patricia believes," that we can recover, we do recover and we will recovery by the Grace of God." Patricia is currently writing her story, the story behind "Hope in Recovery through love light and laughter. It's scheduled to be done December of 2016.

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